Indeed Review

Indeed, chooses to differentiate itself as a job and resume service that not only lists jobs posted on their own site, but the sites of their competitors as well. Job seekers can receive job alerts from many competitor web sites. This web service removes the need for job seekers to search through multiple websites and for employers to find “the right job service” on which to post their job.

The site offers a unique approach to posting job listings: pay-per-click budgeting. Instead of charging an inordinately expensive set fee to list your job on a site for a limited space of time, this website allows you to decide how much you are willing to spend to advertise the job. The money you spend will act as a “budget” for that job listing. The best part is, so long as there is money in your budget the listing will remain live, whether it is for 30 days or 300. Once your job is posted, each time a job seeker views your listing a dollar is deducted from your budget. When that budget reaches $0, the listing is removed from public viewing.

Employers also have the ability to advertise jobs on their own site. This web service can be set up to create feeds to the careers page of your company website and will instantly list any jobs you have posted there. Many employers have enjoyed this particular feature as it creates more of an automated process, which cuts down on the amount of work HR must perform.

Indeed, is one of the best job seeker resources on the market simply for the fact you can search through dozens of competitors’ site listings through this one website. Searches through Indeed pull job feeds from major sites such as Monster, Career Builder, Yahoo! HotJobs and a number of additional job service sites. You can easily set up job alerts based on keywords and locations to be sent to you on a daily basis via email.

A major shortcoming of this site is the lack of support available. While the website doesn’t require any technical know-how and most of its content is fed from other websites, support is still a necessary feature of any company. Email support is very slow and may take more than a business day to receive a response.

This web service is quite intuitive and very straightforward in design. The site layout can most closely be compared to Google. The home page is uncluttered and positions the search bars right in the center of the page. The purpose of the site is very clear and does not attempt to distract with ads for other sites or random companies.

Indeed Summary: 8/10

This website is an amazing resource for job seekers because your searches are not restricted solely to those located on the site, but integrates other site’s listings as well. Visiting this site will cut down on the number of websites you visit to view jobs. Employers likewise have the potential to reduce the amount of money spent on listing jobs. Indeed, is one of the best job seeker resource and only falls short of its competition due to the site’s simplicity, lack of features and support.