Review (not to be confused with, a subsidiary of Monster) defines its share in the job and resume service market both through the site visitors it attracts and the website name. The name is indicative of employment, which is a strong enough draw for both candidates and employers alike. The site holds a reasonably sized listing of open jobs and gets a fair number of job seekers to fill them.

The site offers a variety of package deals for employers to purchase which equates to percentage savings the longer the subscription you purchase. The site offers a set number of job postings depending on the package selected as well as unlimited resume searches.

The job seeker interface operates much the same as every other site. You can immediately begin searching through job listings and even post a resume online for prospective employers to come across. Applying for jobs requires that you register with and be logged into your account, however.

Resume Writing

The website offers job seekers the service of “Awesome Resume!” which is a professional resume writing service. As a warning, prices will lean on the high side in comparison to most local resume writers you will find. While you can hire someone to write a resume for half of the price listed on, most resume writers are not backed by company quality guarantees. The services of a thank you letter or references are quite cheap, however.

Resume Distribution

What few competitors can offer is the ability to instantly put your resume into the email inbox of hundreds of employers. The site offers use of an add-on service known as, which allows you to send your resume to thousands of top recruiters across the nation or in a specific area. Resume distribution provides a unique advantage to the now traditional online job searching, which is:

  • Instant distribution
  • Industry targeting
  • Geographic targeting

Putting your resume into the hands of recruiters and headhunters speeds up the employment process in many cases. The one potential downside is the odds that these emails will be viewed as spam by the receiver and never reaches their inbox before getting dumped in the “junk” folder. Yet getting your resume into the hands of employers and recruiters is a necessary part of any battle. was found lacking in this area. They don’t provide FAQs, a phone number or online help. The only way to contact is by email. When we sent them an email inquiry we received only form letter replies and not actual responses. attempts to make up for this through the use of a Career Center and Career Tools. The Career Center contains various tools, articles and news to help you become more informed about your career and the employment industry. The Career Tools menu is where users can order services such as a personalized resume.

The site includes a comprehensive search form full of filters that help locate and display jobs you are qualified for. The employer interface is likewise easy to navigate and enables you to post a job within minutes of registration. The website is easy learn and use because the interface is similar to many job service sites with the exception of some slight variations on menu options and an older interface. This, coupled with the almost overpowering placement of ads can almost create a sense of confinement to job seekers.

They rely heavily on ad space like many other job services in the market, but do not choose to select relevant advertisers to the audience viewing the website. Users will typically see anything from auto insurance to airline fare. These irrelevant ads are distracting and clutter the interface. Summary: 7/10

Overall, is a great service for resume and job postings and browsing, but lacks a few features that the top services have such as resume and candidate management tools. They offer some unique services and resources, but not enough to truly differentiate themselves as the best in the industry. ago.