Monster Review

Monster is a literal monster in the job and resume service industry and helps employers and job seekers explore employment opportunities that are right for you or your company, whether you’re thinking about filling a position or starting in a new career, new city or new direction. The site ranked among the best choices in the industry due to their comprehensive feature list, ease of use.

They boast a reach of more than 17 million qualified candidates. Employers are given the tools they need to fill entry- or top-level positions with the right candidates. Job seekers will likewise find many job opportunities, receive help in writing their resume and obtain tips on how to interview for a job or continue their job search.

Employer/Recruiter: 8.8/10

As an employer, you will be required to set up an account before you can post jobs, browse resumes and manage candidates. Posting a 60-day job listing ranges in price depending on your location. Among the traditional employer resources, Monster enables employers to:

  • Post listings within minutes
  • Reach more than 17 million adults in the U.S. each month
  • Create screening questions and filter responses online
  • Attract targeted, local traffic to your postings

For a set fee, you can browse resumes within a 100-mile radius. While it is a steep price to pay, the site operates on a patented, semantic search technology called 6Sense™, which removes much of the stress of searching through hundreds of potential candidates. With this tool, you can:

  • Decipher word usage and meaning based on more than keywords
  • Prioritize candidates based on recent experience and qualifications
  • Compare candidates in a side-by-side display
  • Offer multiple criteria to broaden or narrow search results

The site also offers a myriad of free demo tools that will assist you in deciding what types of services would be best suited to your needs, list the candidates looking in your area and discovering the number of job searches taking place locally. In addition, Monster gives you a sample of the resumes that you will be able to view during a month-long subscription.

Job Seeker: 8.1/10

Monster is a virtual library of resources for job seekers. Your search results can be filtered based on a variety of fields, including:

  • Keywords
  • City/State
  • Company
  • Job category
  • Posting date
  • Degree/experience

Post Your Resume

You can also improve your chances of finding a job by posting your resume online. Employers and recruiters pay a fee to get access to resume searches and proactively search for candidates. In the world of job seeking, employers have often said, “You won’t get interviewed for a position if you don’t apply for it.” With the site’s resume search resource for employers, you have an even greater chance of getting noticed for the positions for which you didn’t think to apply for.

Advice and Tips

As Monster caters to an audience of millions, they have spent a great deal of time and resources to provide job seekers and employers with advice and tips on interviewing, job seeking, resume writing and hiring. The articles provided are part of a steadily-increasing database of content available to you for free, regardless of whether you have an account. Additional resources for receiving advice are also available in the form of user forums. Users can simply post a thread with a question and Monster, job seekers, or employers throughout the United States will post relevant and helpful responses within several hours.

Industry Range

They cater to millions of professionals in a wide variety of professional industries. On this job service site, job postings are listed in more than 25 categories and 55 industries, spanning hundreds of thousands of position types.

Spam Listings

The downside to any large job and resume service is the sheer number of “spam” or scam listings full of promises for unreasonable weekly wages and heavenly-sounding yearly returns. Hundreds of these fraudulent listings bog down search results and make valid job listings in some industries difficult to locate. While such job postings do not number as highly as they do on other job service websites, they still prove numerous regardless of the industry you search for jobs in.

Ease of Use: 9.4/10

Salary Report

Money is what makes the world go round and it’s what compels us to continue learning and plying our individual trades. Staying informed of salary trends for the area in which you live or helps you consider any offers employers may make and can help you determine whether you’re being fairly compensated for your position. Monster offers both a Salary Wizard and a Personal Salary Report which answers the question in your mind, “How much more could I be making?” The reports base results on:

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Past performance

To use the Salary Wizard, you need only provide some personal information before the results will be shared with you. The Personal Salary Report, however, is a paid service and costs around $50. A sample report is available to demonstrate how comprehensive the report is.

Resume Help

Having a resume that looks professional and clean is imperative to catching a prospective employer’s eye. We don’t write resumes often enough in our personal lives to warrant any high level of skill or experience on drafting such a document. When the time comes that you need to find employment fast or you simply want to start testing the waters, you need to do things right the first time. There is no second chance in setting a good first impression.

The site offers professional resume writing services in-house with a wide variety of options to choose from. The typical resume and cover letter packages are available in addition to several other resources, including:

  • Additional distribution formats (e.g., presentation, ASCII and Social Media Ready)
  • Follow-up or post-interview thank you letters
  • Personal bio

As a warning, prices will lean on the high side in comparison to most local resume writers you will find. While you can hire someone to write a resume for under a third of the price listed on Monster, most resume writers are not backed by big corporation guarantees, nor do they offer some of the same specialized services (e.g., the ASCII, or keyword resume; and Social Media Ready, or social networking site resume).

Technical Help/Support: 10/10

Due to Monster’s sheer size, a large customer support center is available with a wide variety of media through which you can receive assistance. Support here is unrivaled by any competitor, and includes:

  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Forums (both for advice and technical support)
  • Live chat
  • FAQs

The support media offered are also complemented by a wide variety of self-help articles. Monster offers a veritable arsenal of advice articles on all phases of the hiring and job seeking process, industry trends and news, and professional development. Each article tends to follow a list format for easy scanning so you can always find the information most relevant and important to you.

Additional Features: 9.4/10

Monster scored highly on ease of use because of that simple fact: the site is very easy to use. The website is simple to navigate with menu interfaces that will change depending on the audience. If you’re an employer, simply click on the employer link on the top right corner of the screen and you will be taken to a site specially designed for your hiring needs. Job seekers can immediately begin searching through job listings from the homepage. Upon first entering the site, you will feel like you are being assaulted with features and distractions. The homepage has a lot of information on the various services available through Monster. While daunting at first, the layout and design of Monster will quickly become familiar and easy to use.

Monster Summary: 9.1/10

This website is a prime location for job seekers and employers throughout the United States. They boast among the highest usage ratings and offer a myriad of features unrivaled by most competitors. Regardless of how much experience you have with job searching, Monster will quickly and easily help you get on the right track toward better employment.